A Brief Letter to the Boy Who Heard Me Talking About His Ass ~

Dear Handsome Stranger,

While our brief encounter only consisted of me leaning over to tell my friend that you have a great ass (just a bit too loudly) and you smiling, pretending that you were flashing those pearly whites over the coffee selection and not my comment, I think that we have established some great ground work for our future relationship. You’re modest and I find that charming.

Your dark hair, light eyes and easily 6’2″ frame are the perfect compliment to my not-so-naturally dirty blonde hair and 5’6″ stature. You’re the perfect hugging height and I could even wear heels and not worry about being too tall when we have to get fancy for a night on the town.

Even swept up in the daydream of our first date, I couldn’t help but overhear your order. A medium black coffee. The unwavering baritone of your voice, paired with your order tells me that you are bold and to the point. Again, the perfect compliment; the peanut butter to my jelly, the sock to my shoe, the milk to my cookie, the Kanye to my Kanye. Maybe my bold and easy going attitude will help break through your cool and collected facade, maybe you’ll try something crazy because of me. Maybe you’ll order a hazelnut coffee next time.

The sweet brevity of our encounter made it ever the more quaint and although you left me with nothing to remember you by but an empty sugar packet and a used coffee spoon, I will always have that glorious vision of your ass for the entire 15 seconds it took you to reach the exit. I know that we will meet in coffee shop bliss again, and next time, I’ll make sure to drop my phone number on the floor. We both win, you get my number and I get to watch you bend and snap.

All my future love,



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