Things I Can’t Buy With $1.78

I promise, this is not a cry for help. I did it to myself. I just had to have that new eyeliner and name brand dry shampoo that I can’t live without. It was my own choice and by now, being broke in college is pretty much the status quo. I have to say, I hit an all time low this week, checking my bank balance and seeing the bottom line:


One dollar and seventy-eight cents.

Well. I’m probably f*cked for a little while. It’s going to be at least a few weeks until my next source of income, so I’ve decided to draft a little list of everything that my $1.78 isn’t going to buy me, any time soon.

Lunch: Pre-packaged cheese on bread it is. Grabbing a quick bite at the student center is not happening for a while, unless I’m going to just get two pieces of fruit, which could be plausible, I guess… but hardly satisfying when all I crave is pizza. I wonder if they have a system of washing dishes for food? Is that even a real thing?

Upside to this situation: Thanks to a thoughtful and overly-prepared mother I have some reserves on stock. It’s about time I started learning to cook for myself, even if it is because of a last resort. I’ll even try to get creative and make my own pizza.

New Shoes: It was a very bad time in my life for my boots to totally die (or maybe just not such a great idea to spend all of my money). The entire heel ripped. We’re talking – total sock contact with the ground – ripped. It makes sense because I wear them most days of the week and to the scummiest places of the world on the weekends, it still hurts my soul though. I loved those boots.

Upside to this situation: Looks like those shoes I’ve always wanted to wear but never had the urgency to try on will finally see the light of day.

That New Album I’ve Been Waiting for on iTunes: Probably the most heart breaking realization I came to. I can’t get that album that I’ve been waiting on for months to drop. That is not an exaggeration. I pre-ordered way back in September. I’m crying.

Upside to this situation: Honestly, I can’t find an upside to this one. I’m just gonna cry about it.


Silver Lining to Life:

My eye makeup and hair look fresh to death. So, I would say #noragrets (not even one letter).


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