My Launch Party!

Last night I had the most amazing time at my launch party. It may seem a bit out of the ordinary to have a launch party after something is already under way, but I just like to mix it up sometimes and keep the fanz on their feet. At the event, I wore one of my favorite outfits, I mingled with some of my favorite people and I even managed to bust out a few dance moves. It was hard to keep the paps away, but they did get some cool shots of me relaxing after some heavy industry mingling.

Launch Party

The venue where the party was held was totally decked out. I’m talking two of my favorite things, Christmas and England. There was garland, ornaments, a Christmas tree and an amazing chandelier, very swanky, dare I say, fabulously British.

There were just a few things that I found a bit strange, like the clothing racks (of admittedly very cute clothing), the sale signs and the freaky (well-dressed) mannequins. I found it was kind of rude when the party staff kept offering me discount cards for when I checked out, they must have been confused over who I am. It also threw me for a loop when my party guests seemed surprised when I thanked them for coming and expressed my excitement that they were interested in my blog. For some reason, they all thought that they were attending a student shopping event for Jack Wills and said that they didn’t even know who I was. It was really bizarre. I didn’t want to embarrass them; I know that they were probably just trying to play it cool, so I let it go. I do what I can for all of my fanz. Even the shy ones.

All in all, it was a great event, maybe I will throw another inspired party in the future. Maybe at the next one, it will actually be real and not something that I fantasized over in my head. At the next one, I hope to see you all there!


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