Oh Snap(chat)!

Call it bad luck, call it blurred vision or call it butterfingers, but there is no doubt that the sh*t your pants sensation is the same across the board when you accidentally send a Snapchat to the wrong person.

I didn’t mean to send that quadruple chin selfie to that one guy from high school that I haven’t seen in like five years.

I didn’t want my little cousin to see the video of me dancing on the stage while I was out last night.

It wasn’t my intention that the snap of a shirtless unnamed celeb I saw in a magazine got sent to the girl in my management class, although I bet she appreciated it, if not, I’m never sharing my notes again.

Snapchat can most certainly be the devil. But then again, how on earth would I quickly ask my roomie/BFF to borrow the super chic bracelet I saw on her desk without blowing up her text inbox? How will I tell the world that I’m loving my outfit today without being a like-wh*re on Instagram? How can I show everyone that creepy pic of the kid wearing a cape in the student center without the chance of him catching it on my twitter feed? Like all things, there are the downsides, but also the upsides.

My sage Snapchat advice: If it’s after 11 and you are 4 drinks up, close the application. If you accidentally have a slip of the finger, send a quick “Oops… LOL” after, even if you’re dying a slow death on the inside. When all else fails: own it. Love your snaps for all of their terribly angled glory.


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