I have been waiting for this trend for weeks. I love plaid and flannels, they are an understated pattern that my very simplistic style can handle. I know it’s a pattern that goes in waves. It’s okay though plaid, one day you are in, the next day you are out. So at the risk of looking like that old couch in my grandparents basement, I present you with plaid week:



Burgundy, hunter green, navy blue and white plaid shirt

Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy Blue and White Plaid Shirt

I was being a bad*ss (or homeless, depends on how you see the outfit) on Monday. Rebelling against the world. Also still in a food coma from being home over the weekend. I decided on a baggy flannel and some brown Doc Martin-esque boots to kick the Monday blues in the face.


Green, White, Navy Blue and Magenta Plaid Shirt

Green, White, Navy Blue and Magenta Plaid Shirt

Tuesday was all about warmth. It was like the arctic tundra outside, so I made sure to stay extra warm with a sweater over my flannel (not to mention the coat I wore over both to walk to class). Ain’t nobody got time for being cold or getting a cold.


Blue and White Plaid Shirt

Blue and White Plaid Shirt

It took me forever to pick out a picture after the Wednesday photo shoot because I kept dancing and the shots were all blurry. I felt very country in this outfit.  Thus, endless hoe-down throw-downing. Didn’t love this look, actually hated it, but you know what? You win some, you lose some. This one can get lost.


Gray and Black Plaid Shirt

Gray and Black Plaid Shirt

I can’t remember if I stole this shirt from my brother’s closet back in the day or if it’s one of those thrifted gems, but it is certainly an easy go to shirt.  I am an avid believer that the best color to wear is all black, so a black and gray plaid shirt is a great match to dress down one of my favorite LBDs.



Red and Navy Blue Plaid Shirt

Red and Navy Blue Plaid Shirt

This is my favorite way to wear a flannel. If my favorite boots hadn’t died, I would be Liam at the 2013 VMAs, spot on. But all things happen for a reason, and now I’m going on a shoe shopping rampage next weekend where I will buy all the boots I want (can afford) because we accept the shoes we think we deserve.

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I’ll never be Cher Horowitz (a la Clueless). I just want to be able to rock a yellow plaid skirt suit, maybe in another life during another plaid week.

PS. This week’s photos have really got me cringing at my roots. Time to call the hair dresser, see you next Fashion Friday with some updated tresses.




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