Maz: The Movie

At the risk of sounding cliche, music has been a very important part of my life. *Nerd alert* I was in my school’s choir from 3rd to 12th grade, I had a brief stint as the triangle player in my middle school band, performed in many-a-musical and am a self proclaimed lover of music. My iTunes library has months worth of music in genres varying from screamo to Christian rap to country. Shameless to say, I know basically every single song contained within my library as well as many others that I haven’t had the chance to download yet.

Today I’m playing a little game. I’m creating the soundtrack to my life if it were a movie. Basically the idea of the game is that I hit the shuffle feature in my iTunes and the first song to come up is the song that I have to write down. No skipping and no repeats. In typical Maz fashion, I’ve decided to also give some commentary, set the scene and possibly defend some songs that may come up.

Opening Credits: “The Permanent Rain” by The Dangerous Summer – Sounds so bleak to open a movie, I’m going to assume that my movie opens to a shot of rain trickling down my bedroom window; which would be a challenge in my actual life since I’m currently a nomad who doesn’t technically have a room with a window to where I could see the rain, but I’m sure my movie screenwriter will take creative liberties there.

Waking Up: “Social Casualty” by 5 Seconds of Summer – How appropriate that I should wake up to this. It’s all about chasing your dreams and not letting what you think everyone wants you to be hold you back from who you want to be. How poetic! I could wake up to that everyday, it would be like a little reminder that I’m kick*ss and can’t nobody hold me back. I imagine that in this scene, I throw off the blankets and I’m flawlessly and fiercely dressed and ready to take on the day.

Average Day: “Seasons of Love” from the broadway musical Rent – This is a pretty great job on shuffle’s part. It’s all about an average year and how you measure it. I measure mine in cups of coffee. That’s for certain.

First Date: “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne – Hell yeah! This is how I picture this scene going: I roll up to my first date, I get out of a limo and a red carpet is rolled out for me. People are fainting at the sight of me. Cameras flashing everywhere. All. In. Slow. Motion. My date is just casually leaning against the doorway to the restaurant looking suave as hell holding a string of diamonds or something. We’re pretty much two really high profile celebrities going on their first public outing. It’s a casual day for us.

Falling in Love: “No One” by Alicia Keys – Good job iTunes. Although this is very different from the mood of our first date, this scene is just a montage of us doing normal every day things like jumping on beds at a hotel and eating ice cream in the park. The crazy paparazzi from our first date aren’t involved here.

Love Scene: “The City” by Ed Sheeran – This song is pretty sexy in a not sexy at all way. Perfect for a love scene in my life, I guess. This scene will probably be a tryst in an alley or something. I’m sorry, that’s not romantic.

Fight Scene: “Your Song” by Elton JohnThis is definitely a scene where my super hot celeb boyfriend (SHCBF for short) is trying to tell me that he wrote me a song because he loves me, and then I get huffy because I am not into having my life publicized in that way and then that’s the end of it because I just act like a d*ck the whole time he’s professing his love for me and it’s totally my fault because I have the emotionality of a cucumber. (I hope you read that in one breath.)

Breaking Up: “Meteor Shower” by Owl City – Actually goes hand in hand with the fighting song. SHCBF is still trying to tell me that he loves me, but I just can’t say it back. I always just assume that I’m the heartless wench in the situation, since this is a movie about me, I decided I’m not the victim. But this song is the SHCBF pleading with me not to leave and again, I’m just like, “Nah” and I go on my way. This is the point in the movie where the audience hates me and throws popcorn at the screen because I’m a terrible leading lady for leaving the leading man in the dust for seemingly no reason.

Mental Breakdown: “All the Way” by Frank Sinatra – This is very P.S. I Love You, me singing into a remote watching black and white movies crying because I realize that SHCXBF (Super Hot Celeb Ex-Boyfriend) actually was the best and I’m just an idiot.

Driving: “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston – Probably me driving with my best friend, trying to get my mind off of everything after the big break up and mental break down. This song will perk me up because we’ll be jamming along, but it will also make me think about SHCBF and how he’s probably feeling.

Learning a Lesson: “More Than This” by One Direction – This is the exact moment in the movie that I realize that I have to apologize to SHCBF because I do love him. I’m also probably getting crazy over imagining him with a new Super Hot Celeb Girlfriend (SHCGF).

Getting Back Together: “Like I Can” by Sam Smith – YES. The ultimate anthem of me trying to get back with someone. This scene is me crashing a date that SHCXBF is about to go on with his new SHCGF and I’m pretty much showing up guns blazing, flipping tables, telling SHCXBF that this girl ain’t sh*t and naturally since this is my movie, he sweeps me off my feet and we live happily ever after.

Partying: “Partition” by Beyonce – I’m going to assume that this scene is the on the way to a party after making up with SHCBF… No other explanation will be given.

Flashback: “Young Blood” by The Naked and the Famous – The perfect flashback montage song: it’s a montage of me being naive and the dumb and also some of the good things that lead to the cut shot of the present time where me and SHCBF are jumping on a bed at a hotel again laughing and having a great time.

Death Scene: “Mad World” cover by Alex Parks – I’m going to assume that I somehow ironically die young and this plays as you see my friends and SHCBF crying at my funeral. Too morbid? Probably. I definitely would not have chosen this song, but that’s the devil of shuffle.

Closing Credits: “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – I would not have my movie end any other way.


Honestly, I wouldn’t have this post end any other way either.


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