A Guy’s Guide to Being Sexy

After an intense viewing session of the celebrities on the red carpet for the American Music Awards last night, lots of screaming at the TV and uncontrollable high kicks, I have decided that it doesn’t take much for a man to be sexy. It can really be broken down into about 7 simple rules. I have definitively ranked them below:

7. Have the right hair. Make sure you have properly groomed and styled the locks if they are on the longer end. Man buns will be tolerated if you can follow the guidelines (If you’re not sure, see “An Ode to the Man Bun“).

6. Same goes for facial hair. Don’t look like you’re 12 years old trying to grow your first peach-fuzz crustache, but also don’t look like Gandalf the Grey.

5. Have the right outfit. Highly recommend all black if you’re not exactly sure what to wear. Definitely gives a mysterious edge while being classy all at once. You could even possibly wear a black turtle neck, I am an avid believer that a man who can rock a turtle neck in a sexy way is probably a demi-god.

4. Accessories are important too. While rocking the right clothes will give an instant boost to sexiness, a guy that can rock a cross necklace or some rings really shows that he knows about fashion and appreciates when others appreciate the little things about him (in a non-narcissistic way, of course).

3. Speak with confidence and be intelligent. Always be aware of what you are saying and own it. Also, be informed on the subjects that you are discussing. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows and can proudly speak about the precise amount of time it takes for the perfect cup of tea to be steeped or something like that.

2. Laugh at your own expense. If you happen to have a slip of tongue or physically stumble, don’t take it too seriously. Have a laugh at yourself and realize that you are probably the only one who noticed.

1. Be british. It helps.

Follows these simple tips and you too can have women falling at your feet on the reg.


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