It’s A Hairy Situation

Being at my parents’ house and not having my full closet at my disposal made this week a challenge. I decided that I could easily skip this week and call it a vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’m no quitter. I figured out a way to keep a trend and it was through hair accessories. Here’s how it went down:


Black Bandana ($2.99, Michael's)

Black Bandana ($2.99, Michael’s)

Monday was a busy day. Lots of running around and errands to be done. I went for this simple, bop around the town outfit paired with my black bandana to keep the newly hi-lited tresses out of my face. Also worked on my beat boxing a lot on Monday, I was feeling like I could be part of someone’s rap crew with the front of the head Tupac inspired bandana tie.


Red, Black and White Plaid Tie ($10, Spirit Halloween)

Red, Black and White Plaid Tie ($10, Spirit Halloween)

Using a tie as a hair accessory is something that I usually would never really think to try, but I was trying to be outside the box this week! I ended up feeling like Rambo all day. And with the length of time it took for someone to help me at the bank, I was also ready for guerrilla warfare.


Grey Hat with my sorority letters on it!

Grey Hat with my Sorority Letters ($12, Etsy)

It was super rainy and miserable on Wednesday in the grand land of Hometown, NJ. A hat was the perfect way to beat a bad hair day. Also had to keep it comfy with work out clothes, try to get a mini-run in before consuming a small hippopotamus’ body weight in food tomorrow. That’s actually what I was thinking about during this picture, hence the smirk.


Black Bowler Hat (Honestly, can't remember where I got it or how much it was, I'v had it forever)

Black Bowler Hat (Honestly, can’t remember where I got it or how much it was, I’ve had it forever)

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s hat spiced up a pretty plain outfit. I wanted to be cute but comfy for the feast. I wore a belt on the tightest notch to my grandparents’ house for dinner and left with it on the loosest notch. Ate dinner to my fullest, that’s for sure.


I had a really great outfit picked out for today but decided that sleeping and pajamas were going to be more my speed. Any clothing besides sweatpants felt like I would be doing my food baby from yesterday night’s dinner a disservice. So whoop there it is.

Hope everyone had a phenomenal holiday and are now down at the local Walmart or Best Buys or Target and video taping the crazies that got up at 4 AM for Black Friday shopping!



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