How To Procrastinate

It is that time of the semester where everything is winding down and due dates are fast approaching. If you’re like me, that means that you have probably 3 or four 8-10 page papers, 2 major presentations, 3 sit down exams, meetings with your advisor, packing up to come home for winter break, end of the year holiday events with friends, Christmas shopping to be done and still have to manage to get in daily sleep and hygiene needs. Every single thing needs to get done and usually it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Even now I should be working on my final papers and projects. I should be writing that paper on the intricacies of the volatility in stock prices over the last quarter.

But I made a list of all the things I could do instead.

1. Take a nap: When everything feels like too much and that you’ll never get anything done, take a nap, in your dream world you’ve already made it to Christmas and are sitting wrapped in a snug blanket sipping hot tea by the fire. Or this idea could be a bust. It could also turn in to you having a dream that you’re on a date with a really hot guy, but then your subconscious turns him into your professor because you’re thinking about the paper you have to turn in, which happened to me once. It was bizarre and haunts me to this day.

2. Bake cookies: Who doesn’t love a sugar high? You’ll be plenty pleased with the results and your roommates will love you too.

3. Make your Christmas list: I don’t know if any other college students still make Christmas lists or what the deal is, but my mom still asks for one and I have yet to supply her with one for this year.

4. Watch the entire Harry Potter series: I love getting lost in a world where their biggest problems involve defying the odds of being killed. It makes the fact that all I have to do is turn in a paper at the end of term seem less bleak.

5. Check social media: You really do need to know about your crush from the second grade and you’re praying that his Facebook isn’t on private. Use this time to find out.

6. Take up a new hobby: Always wanted to learn to knit, or read palms, or play guitar, or do a handstand, or roll your R’s, or speak German? Today’s the day to start that learning journey!

7. Call the emergency Hall and Oates hotline: It exists and you won’t be disappointed. 1 (719) 266 2837

8. Really anything besides what you should be doing: Eat a sandwich, binge on Netflix, read a new novel, catch up on my latest blogs if you’re not up to date, you know, everyday stuff.



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