To My Girlfriends ~

Last night I sat with my mom and my aunts until the wee hours of the night and just listened to them laugh and reminisce and poke fun of each other. The highlight of the evening happened at about 11:30, after the last of the two bottles of wine they bought were a distant memory, and they tried to take a group selfie.

*Click* (Camera going off)

“Oh no! It’s too blurry!”

“Delete it!”

“Try again!”

(They re-situate themselves, laughing at how bad they are at figuring this out.)


“Oh no, I have four chins!”

“Four? Look at my six chins!”

“That was a terrible angle!”

(The laughing ensues. Laughing quickly turns to wheezing laughter. To the point where I’m concerned that they may not be breathing properly.)


“You can see my bald spot poking through!”

“I think I just peed myself!”

“My stomach hurts from laughing too hard! I’m gonna throw up!”

I look over and they are all a mess. Crying from laughing so hard, still unable to take a picture. This commenced for about 20-25 minutes until they finally gave up and decided that it would be best if they just used pictures of their kids as their Facebook profile pictures.

The scary part is that in about thirty-forty years, this is probably going to be me and my best gal pals. Girls, as much as I love you, I’m really hoping that we all have full control of our bladders and aren’t worrying about bald spots. But, I can only hope that we still laugh as hard a they all did last night, even if it’s at our own expense.




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