Raindrops on Roses

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, Hometown, NJ sucks, but I felt like all I’ve been doing is complaining the past few blogs, so I thought, hey, here’s something wild, maybe I could say nice things for once.

I have been in my hometown for a little over a week now, trying to catch up on some last minute work before finals, getting some documents together before I move to Europe, seeing my old friends, etc. The usual things that a college aged person does at home.

I have to admit, while I could never see myself permanently settling here, Hometown, NJ does have its perks.

Perk #1: I live right by the beach. While in the summer it is over crowded and there are too many dumb shoobies to count; in the winter it has its own charm. The beach is bitingly cold, but so peaceful. It’s the perfect place to go sit with a couple of blankets and a hot chocolate and just reflect.

Perk #2: At home, there is literally always something to eat. No more getting by on crackers and raisins between trips to the grocery store. The fridge is stocked full of food ready to be heated up, with the best part being, I didn’t have to make it!

Perk #3: Hometown, NJ in wintertime is where I usually get to see my best friend from high school. Sometimes we go months without seeing each other, since she lives in Florida and I live in Philly, but I know that each year, around this time, we will be in the same place and have a few weeks to get into shenanigans before going back to our separate lives.

Perk #4: I know how to get everywhere and there is limited traffic. Since there isn’t much else to do, a grand portion of my time is spent driving around with my friends. In Philly, I would be lost in about 10 minutes, but in Hometown, NJ, I could drive around for hours and hours and still know exactly where I am.

Perk #5: I don’t have to see anyone if I don’t want to. I could spend three days hibernating in my parents’ house and not be questioned about it (and my mom will even bring me food, so I really don’t have to get up). Sometimes I just need that time to read a book or six, or watch a season of something on Netflix. While, I know there is  limited judgement elsewhere over this, I still feel bad doing it anywhere besides home. Being asocial is so awkward since I have three roommates. I come off stand-offish or depressed, when in actuality, I’m just not getting out of bed because I haven’t had pants on in 2 days. While I know my in-the-room-roomie/bff understands, I still get self-conscious about in around the other two.

So there you have it. Hometown, NJ, part of the arm pit of the nation does have its upsides. I can truly say that I won’t necessarily miss the place, but some of the people in it on the other hand, that’s really gonna blow when we say goodbye.


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