Flower Power

Say hello to Winter friendly florals! I am always so quick to cast away florals as a Springtime only trend, but I figured, what the hell, what am I, if not a rebel?



Floral Skirt (H&M, $10)

Floral Skirt (H&M, $10)

This was the coldest I have ever been while taking a picture. Oh. My. God. I couldn’t stop shivering, so sorry for the stink eye, but I really couldn’t muster up even a tiny bit of desire to take a normal looking picture. I like this outfit, but maybe not for winter. Ever again. Slap some sandals on in July, call me happy.


Floral Scarf (IDFK where this is from at all.)

Floral Scarf (IDFK where this came from at all)

Tuesday I dressed casual cute because I was afraid that I was going to die. I wanted to look good if I died at the dentist’s office. Thankfully, I lived to see another day, and apparently, I looked better than I normally do when I go to the dentist because the hygienist asked if I had just come from work. No miss, I did not. #lifestylesofthejoblessgeneration


Floral Dress (No clue where this came from, found it in my mom's closet)

Floral Dress (No clue where this came from, found it in my mom’s closet)

This a luau waiting to happen. Trust me, I know that this dress was not the best, but I think I actually found a way to make it work. I paired it with a long-sleeved black crop top and an over sized, “I summer in the Hamptons” hat. If nobody starts singing, “One short day in the Emerald City” soon, I will!


Floral Skirt (Ross, Trendyland Brand, $10?)

Floral Skirt (Ross, Trendyland Brand, $10?)

Turtlenecks are making a comeback and I promise I will be leading that parade. They will be back and better than ever this winter. I had my first Christmas party to go to on Thursday (with friends from school) and the dress code was fancy. On a college budget, this was the fanciest they were getting from me. I did mention that I was honoring Zayn Malik with my turtleneck choice and all was forgiven over my lack of a ball gown.


Floral Dress (Urban Outfitters, Sale, $10-15?)

Floral Dress (Urban Outfitters, Sale, $10-15?)

Kept it flowy and fun today. I went for neutral accents and a laid back hair style. After a long night of fun with the girls, I just need today to recuperate and lounge around. This was the perfect outfit to do that in!

As a side note, say hello to really weird lighting, because I seriously looked orange in every single picture I took on Monday and Tuesday; my face, my hair, everything (I tried to filter it out as much as possible, but it didn’t exactly work.) Also, many apologies for inconsistent backgrounds, it was extremely rainy in Hometown, NJ on Tuesday. Also, also, it was approximately negative 12 degrees outside, so SOZZZ about the stink face in some of the pics. I was just too worried about freezing to death. Next fashion friday will begin inside shots. Wish me luck trying to find a new background!


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