This Is Probably Tacky

Happy Fashion Friday! I did not exactly have a theme this week because three days of the week, I had breakfast and dinner in different states. I barely had time to sit down, let alone think of clothes to wear each day, I’m betting that this is pretty common at this time of the year. The crazy rush of the holidays paired with the end of the school semester; it’s just crazy.

So, in honor of keeping my Friday trend, I decided that I would, instead, review the style of someone else.

Here is that special someone that I picked:

I decided that her name should be Angela. So, this is Angela. Occupation: Tree topper.

Angela was killing it in this “Mrs. Claus finds out Victoria’s Secret” inspired frock.  Her sequined skirt seems to always find the (Christmas) lights and shine in an ultra fabulous way. The fur lining her coat, all faux, of course. Angela is a firm believer that animals are people too and should not be consumed or worn. She used gold accents to jazz up the outfit. All in all, Angela gets a 10 out of 10 for festive garb.

There is probably something seriously wrong with me. So, yes, I took my tree topper from my tree and brought it outside. I honestly think that the worst part was that my step-dad didn’t even question me as I walked out the door with it. What does that say about me? Why is it so common place for me to walk around holding a tree topper on my hand? How come that didn’t merit a curious glance?

Anywho, Happy 6th Day of Christ-Maz!


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