Traditions As a Product of Divorce

I don’t know if it is only my family that has off kilter traditions, or if we are just A Christmas anomaly, but Christmas Eve is always my favorite day of the year. Much more than actual Christmas.

Being the product of divorced parents, it made it tough when after thirteen years, we had to switch our traditions. Split time, if you will. My brother and I always spent Christmas Day with our Dad and his side of the family, where we do the typical giant dinner and gift giving and Christmas music, all of the tacky holiday things, etc.

Christmas day is great and all, but on Christmas Eve, I always have the best time ever.

It usually starts with me waking up at my best friend’s house, that’s another tradition that I have, Ashley (best friend from forever and a day ago) and I spend Christmas Eve-Eve together, we gift exchange, usually have dinner and a sleepover, like we’re little kids again. Now that we’re a little older, that’s turned into us waking up super hungover, cursing ourselves to Australia and back, but still fun, nevertheless.

But then I head home midday and lounge around in pajamas, watch old Christmas movies and listen to Josh Groban’s “Believe” on repeat until about 6 PM, when the best part starts.

My brother comes over and we order Chinese food. It’s just my mom, my stepdad, my brother and me. We always get an insane amount of food. Like 60-70 dollars worth of dumplings, general chicken, rice and other dishes. Every year my brother and I end up going to pick up the giant order and complain the whole time, even though we secretly love it.

Then we come home and have our feast. After dinner, we open all of our presents. I have to say, I do always pick out the best gift for my brother. For some unknown reason to me, I find him to be the easiest person in my life to shop for. I usually just happen upon his gift whether it’s in a thrift store, a department store, or a trashy trinket shop. But I always love giving him his gift. Then on the other hand, there’s my mom’s gift. I have absolutely no idea what to get her ever, so I just guess and hope for the best.

Christmas Eve is just so relaxed and there is no pressure to do anything besides eat cookies and be happy. It’s one of my favorite days of the whole year. I wonder who else has any weird Christmas traditions?

Happy Christ-Maz Eve to everyone!


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