Jake from StateFarm?

We have been lied to. Every commercial I have ever seen about customer service reps, they are always smiling and so happy to help the people who call in.


I often wonder why people who hate people work in a job where they have to deal with people? I have been making phone calls non-stop for the past week, making all of my last minute travel plans and preparations finalized. In that time I have talked to some less than colorful characters. And trust me, I totally understand. I am not a phone person that much, I don’t like talking on the phone and I don’t really like texting either. I’m more of a face-to-face kind of gal. But, it was to the point where I have so much to do, that making it out of my house to get to each individual location would eat up more time than I have. So I was trapped making phone calls to the banks, the credit card companies, the travel agency, the phone carrier and so on, all whilst trying to cram everything into my suitcase. My phone calls were always just a little distracted and extremely underwhelming with some customer service reps.

Lady, no I’m not calling her lady, Lady is her actual name (or so she said) from TD Bank – while efficiently getting the job done, I also think she hexed my entire family. She was so miserable. Very much like Roz from Monster’s Inc. “Ya have to file the paperwork.” Although, she did tell me that I called with plenty of time and there would be no hold up on my card. For that, Lady, I am forever thankful.

Jeremy from AT&T – Thank you for trying to make small talk by asking me where I’m from and pretending to sound super impressed by the Garden State, and contrary to what I told you, I do actually have a farm. I just didn’t want to answer any more invasive questions because I don’t actually know how the farm works or what plants we even grow. I would be even more thankful if it hadn’t taken four tries to download a new data plan agreement.

I appreciate the people who work on the phone service lines of a company for making my day a little less hectic, but at the same time if we’re going to handle business over the phone; don’t be too miserable and don’t be too stupid. I’ve got enough sh*t to deal with in a day. I don’t need your attitude or for you to waste more of my time.


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