I Like You But I Shouldn’t Syndrome

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. It’s that one person that you keep going back to, no matter how many times they hurt you. It’s that one food that you will always eat, regardless of a diet plan. It’s that song that you can’t stand but you still turn it up every time it comes on the radio and you know every word.

This is something here at mazforthefanz.com that we like to call the “I Like You But I Shouldn’t Syndrome.”

So, you’re a 14 year old girl and have a crush on that too-cool-for-school senior boy, who just so happens to be your best friend’s older brother? Trust me, you’ll make worse decisions. There is no harm in a crush.

So, you’re a 50 year old man with high cholesterol who has been following a strict diet and exercise plan but you still crave a piece of cheesecake every once in a while? You will not burn in Hell. Just have a smaller slice. No one will judge you for it!

So, you’re a middle-aged woman and you’re still into boy bands? Hey sister, see you in 20 years at the One Direction reunion tour.

So, you’re a 20 year old guy constantly pursuing a girl and then blowing her off when she finally agrees to go out with you? Well, you’re a d*ck and should promptly sit your bare ass on a fire ant hill.

But fear not, I am here to tell you, you are not alone. Everyone on planet Earth suffers from this syndrome and you know what? It is totally okay.

We all slip up every once in a while. We will all at some point or another want what we shouldn’t and take what we aren’t supposed to have. My theory on this, is that as long as you aren’t hurting yourself, subjecting yourself to being hurt or hurting anyone else in the process, then have all the guilty pleasures that you want. Just keep in mind, too much of a guilty pleasure becomes a bad habit, and those are hard to shake. So make sure that it’s something that you are really okay with before you over-indulge.


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