Causing A Scene or Making An Entrance?

In truth, I don’t think that being late is a generally acceptable thing. I think it is inconsiderate and should be avoided at all costs. My general assumption is that if you are going to be late, don’t go at all.

I broke my own rule.

Breaking your own rule is something you should do sparingly. I only did it because it was a dire situation. I had planned on skipping an event hosted by my residence hall. It seemed like it was just going to be a basic rundown of everything that I learn every single time I have a ResLife meeting at my US university. What I did not realize was that it was a mandatory event. I did not know that they were taking attendance until I was informed after the event had already started.

In a panic, I slammed shut my Netflix (Sorry Andy Samberg, it wasn’t your fault. I love Brooklyn 99), I slid my shoes on, threw on my jacket, grabbed my keys and was out the door.

Now, already five minutes late, thankfully the event was being held very close to my flat. I frantically go through the building and try to find the lecture hall. I finally find it. There were two doors that I could go in. One to the left, or one to the right.

10 minutes late, thinking that both doors led to the back of the lecture hall, I picked the one on the left.

Color me surprised when I rip open the door, and walk into the auditorium directly next to the presenter, while he is mid speech. Oops.

Everyone (Probably 200+ people, including the presenter) saw. I stood deer in headlights for about 2 seconds and immediately headed for the closest chair I saw available.

British lecture halls-1, Maz-0


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