Loving London Fashion

So, this is definitely a favorite fashion that I have picked up in the time that I have spent galavanting around the streets of London.

Fancy a cuff and boot?

Fancy a cuff and boot?

Shoes and how they are styled are a major part of the London fashion scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people decided the entirety of their outfit around the shoe they will be wearing that day. Something that I saw over and over and over again was the pants cuffed with ankle boots, or some sort of loafer and sock combination with the pants cuffed as well. I would never try this in Hometown, NJ, because stylistically, they are all still at basic white girl status. I may have a little more lean in Philly with it, but they might ask me where the flood is. I would still do it though because I actually ended up loving it. The cross breeze at my ankle sort of cooled down my body, while I was totally bundled in my wool coat. So, all in all, it was fashionable and functional. I like to think that I was passing as a Londoner as I was zipping about town on The Tube, making stops at Parliament and Buckingham Palace.


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