What’s Wrong With Being a Tourist?

So, I am brand ass-spanking new to London. Well, maybe not that new, but I am just past my first week living in London as an adult. I have wandered from monument to monument, seen a ton of the historical offerings as well as some pop culture places (I.E. Bridget Jones’s flat) and took tons of pictures.

I did most of that stuff by myself first and then again with some friends. My friends were so against taking group photos and all of the “tourist-y” things and I guess my question was: WHY?

We are living in this amazing city and can document it right on our cell phones. What is so wrong with people knowing that we’re not from the area? Do you really think that they even care in the slightest? Because, I’m thinking that 87% of the people around us are tourists as well, doing the same things, and the other 13% see it every single day and can’t be bothered by it anymore.

My only idea is that, a giant group that is easily identified as American tourists is more likely to get pick-pocketed or something of the likes, but that’s only if everyone is being really dumb and not paying attention to the fact that we are an ostentatious group that is super easy to spot in a bigger crowd.

I think that being a tourist is fun. I’m not saying that we need to be obnoxious and clog up traffic, but getting some pictures and keeping those memories what’s the harm in that?

So, excuse me while I strap on my fanny pack, secure my visor, tilt my map, and profess every single one of the first ten amendments. See you fools on the other side. That’s where the stellar pictures come from.


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