Going Up On a Sunday

Still trying to figure out if it’s okay to go out on a Sunday night?

It probably is not okay. But I did it anyway.

It started with a football game. Or soccer, if you’re of the American species. I just went to the pub to watch the Manchester United v. Southampton game. I had no intention of going out. It caught me by surprise when 2 beers later, I was ready to paint the town red.

It was only 5 PM.

So, I guess that I learned a few things from going out on Sunday.

Since it was Sunday, I still felt obligated to be a real human being. On a normal night out, I usually don’t really care, I have very few responsibilities the next day, so as long as I make it to my bed, I call it a solid night. But since I have class today and real world responsibilities, I actually did a few great things.

  • I washed my face and realized that I totally under-appreciate how easy that is fully sober. My tiny little airplane bathroom was the challenge of my life to navigate last night, let’s just say, there’s water every where, but I did do it, so I give myself two points in the “Way to Go Maz” category.
  • I called my mom. Maybe not a terrific idea, but I hadn’t called her in a few days, so now she knows that I’m alive, just being 20. That’s another solid point.
  • I set an alarm and woke up before 2 PM. I had a vast plan to go walk through the park, no promises that that’s going to still happen, but since I set my alarm, it’s a total option, if I still want it to be.
  • I ate food last night, courtesy of my flat mate (thanks pal, you’re the real MVP), so I didn’t wake up like a lion that hasn’t eaten in six years.
  • I drank lots of water, so, although my hangover is still a real thing in my life, I feel that it’s less obtrusive because of the liter of water that I basically chugged. Way to go Maz.

I would say that, while going out on a Sunday was not the intended plan, and going to my first class with a raging hangover is not what I really wanted to do, it was still worth it.


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