To the Guy Who Hit On Me While I Was Walking to Class ~

I guess what I want you to know is, it’s not you, it’s me. I was walking to class, the timing was off.

Actually no. It was definitely you. You were tall and pretty cute and had a British accent, all good things, but then you tried to start the conversation with one of the oldest lines in the book: “Do you believe in fate?” Honestly man, my grandpa called, he wants his pick-up line back. If you had been a little bit more original, maybe I would have been a few minutes late to class, maybe dropped you my email address.

Well anyway, I told you no, I don’t believe in fate and continued on my way; but the real answer is that I do believe in fate; and I’ll definitely believe in fate when it’s Harry Styles using the line on me. Until then, I will gladly decline the offer.  I will say this though, I was pretty down on myself about my outfit yesterday, but after our momentary interaction, I felt pretty great. So, thank you for that.

I hope that you find your “fate” in passing some other time, with one of the other girls you’ve probably used that on, but mark me down as uninterested.

All the best,




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