That Song That Turns You Into A Thirteen Year Old Girl When Your Crush Says He Doesn’t Like You Back

I think by now, we all realize that I love music and it plays a giant role in my life; so since that’s established, let’s get on with it.

I think that everybody has that one song. You know the one I’m talking about. Maybe you associate it with a sad memory or the lyrics really strike close to home. But, the second you hear it, it has you in the fetal position, probably sucking your thumb.

It might be one of the best songs in the entire world, and when you’re happy, it makes you so happy, but when you’re sad, it totally wrecks everything. And for some reason, you masochistically put it on repeat for three hours.

And the first few times you hear it, it’s okay; maybe you sniffle a bit or a tear or two escape, but by the eighth time, you’re yelling the lyrics, you’re sad fist pumping and crying along; proclaiming that the artist just “gets it,” they totally “understand” what you are feeling at that moment. It’s like you have a good girlfriend consoling you, but in the luxury of your own messy, sad, weird dancing, cry fest, that no one actually has to witness.

Sometimes the song catches you off guard too. Like maybe you weren’t having the greatest day, but it wasn’t totally terrible, but then the song comes on your playlist when you hit shuffle. It’s like someone punched you right in the throat and for some reason, you just can’t turn it off. You have to hear it out to the end, even though you know that you should turn it off and find a happier song, because this one has the power to throw off your whole day.

You know what I say? Rage on you sad little weirdos. Because, no matter if your cry fest lasts an hour or six, by the end you’re totally cleansed and ready to get on with the day. Have a nice little cry and then remember that life is pretty cool and take that song off the playlist for a while.


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