Another Day in the Trenches

I am so, so sorry for the fact that I have reverted to mirror selfies, but alas, this blog is low budge. But here you are, my London Favorite Fashion Friday (or Favourite Fashion Friday if you’re from this wonderful place) of the week!

The Beige Trench has finally made the blog.

The Beige Trench has finally made the blog.

Trench coats, trench coats, trench coats. Every person I pass on a cold or windy or rainy day is sporting a trench coat of some sort. Thanking all of the Heaven’s that I happen to be the owner of one of the most amazing trench coats ever. Although it’s not a Burberry jacket (I’m actually broke), it is getting me through the cold, morning walks to Oxford Street to window shop at Burberry, where I day dream that I could afford something there (soon enough, when I dominate the world). At first I was pretty hesitant about the trench trend. I thought it was a bit much because I am so short, but it is proving to be well worth the $14, thrift shop investment. It’s actually like walking around with a blanket on. I have zero complaints. My  recommendation: Everyone, go buy a trench coat. Right now. It will change your life.


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