Really Accurate, Thought Provoking Advice

Usually, this would be some great joke with an epic punch line, but I actually did hear something that I never thought before.

Being in England has been an adjustment in some departments. To me, there were a few things that were weird or different and far from “normal.”

Then someone said to me: “There is no normal. Only what you’re used to.”

Holy sh*t. Mind blown.

She was obviously, absolutely right. I am so accustomed to certain things, to the point that when things aren’t what I’m used to, it seems abnormal to me and when she said that, it sort of knocked me down a few pegs. I had to take a step back and really think about it. I had to think about the #bigpicture. I am such a small, teeny, tiny dot in the pointillism painting of the world (wow, ten points to Gryffindor for that metaphor). And it seems that it is a very egocentric thing to think that everything that I do is “normal.”

None of us are “normal” we all say, or do, or wear, or think things, that others would consider strange. So, who wants “normal” anyway? Who wants a cookie-cutter image of what it is to be a human on planet Earth? That would be so boring. If we all had the same ideas and thoughts, we would never have anything fun to talk about. I would much rather live in my little Maz-tastic world and encourage others to show me what their worlds are like as well.


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