Trivia Crack is so f*cking stupid. It is literally an app where you battle your friends over who has more useless information in their brain about, art, entertainment, history, geography, sports and science. There is no physical gain from it. No real bragging rights to be earned, other than you might be a better guesser than your friends.

But I will be damned if I haven’t stopped writing this blog six times to play a new round.

It literally is like crack (they hit the nail on the head in the naming department). I can’t stop. I feel like I have something to prove by winning a match. And I do have one friend who I cannot ever beat. I swear I don’t think I’ve beaten her once, so it has become my mission to finally have one win over her, if only for my own stupid psyche.

Besides my overall thought that Trivia Crack is so dumb, I find myself with an irrational emotional involvement to it. When I run out of lives I feel pretty hopeless util that next hour is up. When one of my “friends” challenges me for one of my characters, I feel personally attacked, honestly, how could you? I thought we were friends. It took me six rounds to get that dumb idiot football character and you just snatched him right up for me. It’s not fair.

Then when I win, it’s a totally different story; it’s like I need to gloat about my superior intelligence, when in actuality I spent all of my coins on bombs and hints in order to get the answers right by guessing anyway. There is no grace in Trivia Crack.

I will say this though, one reason that I am thankful for Trivia Crack: Thank God it helped me to stop playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. #neveragainkim


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