The Art of A Perfectly Timed Hair Toss

Having had hair that is borderline Amish (super long) for the past three years, I have had plenty of time to practice my hair tossing. I find that at one point in time I would purposely try to do it, but now it’s just so ingrained into my brain that honestly, I don’t usually realize that I do it any more. Is it a nervous tick? Probably. But seriously, did you ever realize how many different types of hair flips, tosses and brushes there are?

The Over the Shoulder Toss 

This is the general thing that people think when you say hair toss, when you flick your hair from in front of your should to make it land behind. Known causes: Generic flirting move, to keep your hair out of your food when eating, when you need to cool your neck down because your long and heavy hair is hot as hell on your neck.

The Double Over the Shoulder Toss

Usually I accompany this with an eye roll for emphasis. It’s the same as the over shoulder toss, but you do it on both sides. Known Causes: The reaction when someone compliments you and your silent agreement because, “yeah bitch, I know my shoes are on point today, you’re welcome.” Otherwise known as sass.

The Toss, No Hands

This one is my most unintentional. Generally speaking whenever I turn my head one way or the other, my hair tends to follow. So I’m basically whipping b*tches in the face on accident. Known Causes: Either trying to get that hair in the wind effect or totally unintentional forces of gravity.

The Two Finger Bang Toss

This only works with bangs, if you didn’t get that by the name, I can’t help you. But basically, you take your pointer and middle finger and lightly flick your bangs out of your eyes, generally skimming your forehead as you do so.  Known Causes: Overgrown bangs that always block your damn view.

The Single Hand Comb Through

When your hair is parted in the middle, typically, and you run one hand through the middle and pull your part over to the side. Known Causes: Also a generic flirty move, when paired with a necklace grab, totally accentuates the neck.

The Double Fluff

When you run your hands straight back through your hair and at the back of your crown, give a little, double fluff at the roots. Then you pull your hands straight through to the end. Known Cause: To fix the tremendous matted mess that your hat left behind or just a general need of volume.

The Un-Toss

When you bring the hair back from the previously tossed position so that it is in front of your shoulders. Known Causes: To prep for another hair toss or so you don’t look bald when taking pictures.

I know that I didn’t cover every single kind of hair toss. But, do you use any of these? Or am I just a crazy long haired spastic? Let me know. XOXO, Maz


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