The Night That I Thought That I Would Get Arrested

Welcome to the world of Maz, where sometimes, the body moves without the brain’s consent, also Happy #ThrowBackThursday

So picture this. I am at a pub in London with some of my friends. We were all laughing and having a good time. I wasn’t drinking, it was getting late and I was a bit tired. I knew that if I didn’t leave soon I would miss the last tube home and have to try to figure out the bus or walk. I saw that a few of my friends were about to head out, so I started to follow them.

Then in all my Maz-ness, flipped a switch, decided that I actually wanted to stay a bit longer to hang out with everyone else.

Then, again, in all my Maz-ness, flipped a switch again, I decided that I really, really had to leave so that I wouldn’t have to take a taxi or walk home. So I ran out the door to catch up with my friends.

Mind you, we were on the second floor of the bar and the steps leading down were right next to me. So, I run down the steps and through a double door that is at the bottom.


This is where the problem started.

The second I busted through the doors, I immediately regretted my decision, because as it turns out, it was in fact an emergency exit. I had busted right through an emergency exit. A big siren started going off and it was a giant fiasco.

Lucky for me, I blended in with the crowd and no one saw me do it, so I sort of skirted along, caught up with my friends and continued home. But the entire rest of the night, I heard sirens out my window and was convinced that it was the London police coming for me and that I was going to get deported.

Also, this happened a few weeks ago and I realize that the emergency exit at that bar frequently goes off, due to drunk or American idiots like me, so it really wasn’t that big of a deal, but I really was scared for a day or two after.

Pro-tip: Green does not always mean go. Especially in England. Green means “Emergency.” So, take my advice and take the long way round next time, so you can sleep with both eyes shut and not fear the worst all night.


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