Scarf Barf

Happy Favorite Fashion Friday B*tchez!

I actually am a pretty avid hater on scarves. Well, maybe not hater, but I just don’t personally wear them often. When I do find myself in the market for one, I usually hunt the perfect one down for a while, which is exactly what I have been doing the past three weeks. Londoners love scarves! And, of course, trying to blend in, I needed the perfect scarf to go with all of my other outerwear. This is what I came up with:


Scarf Level: Blanket

This little guy was £10 at Urban on Oxford Street (HULLLLO London shopping district). It’s got everything I could ever need really. I had to find the perfect match to go with not only my trench coat, but also my leather jacket and wool coat. This scarf was the answer to my prayers. It has brown, beige, black and white all in it. I honestly scavenged market after market and shop after shop, just to stumble upon this guy by accident. It’s so warm. It’s also gigantic. I feel very London when I wear it with my trench, like it just makes sense that I should live here. Also, since scarf purchase, I have been asked at least 6 times for directions by strangers. They think I’m a local. #jobwelldonescarfy


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