I Am So Julia Roberts Right Now

Honestly, nothing is more liberating than spending a day taking an adventure on your own. Since I’ve moved to London, I have more than fully embraced this mantra. At home, it might be weird if I wander into a restaurant by myself, here, I look chic as hell. I treat myself to a crepe at Crème de la Crepe in Covent Garden, or have a hearty meat pie from the Globe on Baker Street. No one thinks anything of it. No one says a thing about me being alone, no one even gives me a second glance. I am just left to my own thoughts and thorough enjoyment of my meal/reflection time.

It gives you a ton of time to think, when you don’t have wifi and don’t have another person to talk to. It gives me time to reflect on the fact that I am 20 years old, living the dream. I have limited responsibilities other than to go to class, complete class work and just fully enjoy my time in this wonderful place. On any given day, I could walk to see Big Ben and the Eye, or Buckingham Palace, or stroll through one of the numerous parks right out my back door. #casual

As I sit and write this, I am enjoying a glass of wine at the Fortune Theatre, awaiting the matinee show of “Woman In Black,” a show that I am seeing for homework. Literally my homework in one of my classes every week is to see a London Production, whether it is in the West End (London’s Broadway) or a tiny joint above a pub. This week it happened to be this show (which is now a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe). And much like having lunch or a walk by myself, no one has thought anything of me coming here alone. I am just enjoying my afternoon out, with limited interruptions. They even upgraded my seats from the back of the second tier balcony to the fourth row from the stage, now that’s what I call above and beyond service. Being unafraid to explore and get to know your city is the perfect excuse to stumble upon yourself at the same time. Just a little food for thought. XOXO, Maz.


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