I Came to Scotland and All I Got Was A Lousy…

Although I had to deliver the immensely sad news that the beige trench coat is no longer with us in yesterday’s blog, I can also say that we welcomed a new friend into the overcoat collection! Since I still had an entire day in Scotland and no coat, I was really limited with my options. It was a bit chilly and I needed to really layer up!

Welcome this babe to the A-Maz-ing Winter Wear Line:

Definitely not wearing pants... because who even does any more?

Definitely not wearing pants… because who even does any more?

PonchOH NO YOU DIDN’T. Yes, yes I really did. I picked up this glorious blanket-esque plaid gem at a cafe of all places. It just looked so snuggly and warm. I can’t say that I was wrong. Hopefully after an appropriate amount of time grieving the trench, I will be able to truly enjoy its replacement. I may even come to love the poncho as much as I loved the trench. Only time will tell. But at the moment, I do truly love this; it’s the perfect amount of style and the perfect amount of warm! And that my friends is another Favorite Fashion Friday, all “wrapped up” (did you get that pun? Because I thought it was pretty good.)!


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