We Missed the Bus and Now We’re in the Emergency Room

Have you ever been in shock? I don’t mean have you ever been shocked, because I would say on a daily basis, I see, say or do something that could be considered shocking (especially because I’m an American who makes a ton of asinine mistakes, like flubbing pants and trousers… all of the time) but I mean, have you ever physically gone into shock?

It’s so scary. It’s like; one second, I was sitting in my seat on the bus. I was talking to my friends (who I coincidentally ran into, as we were all heading home on the same bus), asking them about their night. We were just talking normally. Next thing I know, I’m looking at my friend laying on the floor, after she was thrown from her seat when the bus driver stopped short.

So, if you follow me on twitter (which I highly recommend that you do, @madbenz), you probably noticed a cheeky little tweet about being in A&E (basically a British emergency room) over the weekend. Well, this is how it happened:

My friend, H, from way back when, (we met when we did a student exchange in high school). She is from Buckinghamshire, attending uni in Lincoln. Well, she came to visit me for the weekend at my uni in London. I took her out to a club on Friday night. We had a blast. (It’s the club where I met my potential soul mate) We had been dancing and just generally having fun, when we decided that it was about time that we headed home.

It’s amazing how things happen.

We got to the bus stop and I forgot to hail the first bus back to my flat (because after a certain time, you have to let them know that you’re waiting or they don’t stop), but I missed it. I suggested that we take an Uber home, as it was a bit too cold and a bit too late to walk the 25 minutes back to my flat. We decided that we would just wait for the next bus. So we finally get on the bus. I, weirdly enough, see my friends, we all start catching up. I am gripping the back of my seat, as I’m turned around to talk to them. H is just minding her own business. Next thing I know, the bus has stopped short. Like absolutely slammed on the brakes. H went flying, from her seat into a pedestrian pole and then into the side of the bus.

I feel like it didn’t even register with me as it happened. I think that I honestly just stood there for a minute. Then time restarted, and one of my friends, Nick, came down to help H. Like, honestly, thank God he was there, because I was of absolute no use. I was too busy yelling at the bus driver. (Like, proper ripped him a new assh*le; felt a little bad after the fact). But, thankfully Nick was keeping H awake and talking to her, and calming her down. We got her sitting up and talking. Since we didn’t know the severity of the injury, we had to call an ambulance.

Seriously, I never ever want to get seriously injured in London, not only because it would suck, but also considering that police officers showed up on the bus took our statements and then told us that it was really unlikely that we would get an ambulance in less than 3 hours. We had to arrange our own passage to the emergency room, more than a mile away. The police officers wouldn’t take us in their van.

Then, finally, after I tried about six different ways and failed to get a cab, the police officers offered to take us in their van, possibly because I was crying or possibly because I was basically just a stranded American with no other options. Either way, I think he felt bad.

But, they give us a ride to the closest A&E. We sit in that waiting room for about 20 minutes, until we’re shipped to another part of the hospital, where we wait for another hour and a half. The accident had happened at about 2.15AM, and now it’s about 4AM before we even see a doctor. Then, from the doctor, H is strapped basically to a gurney with a neck brace and these motion disabling blocks. And wasn’t released from those confines until a little after 9AM. Then after receiving (so thankfully) a clean bill of health, minus a few bumps and bruises, we are sent on our way…. at 10 AM. 10 f*cking AM. Like, how do these people expect to handle a life threatening emergency. Like what if she had a concussion or a brain bleed (thankfully not) but seriously, we were there for over 7 hours! I just don’t understand how the system could be so flawed. I really am not one to insult or comment on politics or anything like that, it just sucks to think that someone could be seriously hurt, but they get brushed to the side so a doctor can see the guy who has a tiny cut on his arm after a bar fight. GAH. It was just really frustrating to see.

Makes me think extra hard about the unexpected and how missing that one bus earlier in the night maybe was the reason why this happened. Or what if I hadn’t been turned around holding on to my chair talking, could I have fallen from my seat as well and collided with H? Like, why do these things happen? I also, just need to say an extra big thank you to the four of my friends who waited with me and H until we had a mini idea of what were sort of doing. Thankfully we were all okay, but it’s just insane. Okay, serious Maz rant over, we will be back to our light-hearted banter tomorrow!


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