I’m So Vain, I Know the Song Is About Me

Okay, so, fun fact about Maz: I know that I’m not famous. I know, it’s crazy. I bet you all thought that I thought that I was. But honestly, I know that the majority of the people who read my blog are either A) intrigued by my obnoxious blog titles, or B) related to me.

In fact, I assume that in my actual real, living life, that you don’t read my blogs. And as it is; everyone says: “write what you know” and that’s what I do. I write about things that have actually happened to me. I write a blog, exactly how I would tell a story to my friends. And usually my blogs happen to contain my best stories that I like to tell in real life. I feel like if you’re a person that I know on a day to day basis and you are also a daily reader, we need a hand signal. We need a gesture or a code word. Or you could just punch me in the face, because I know that I have the tendency to talk about the same things that I write about.

I need a signal to tell me to wrap it up and move on; that you’ve heard this before and I should find something new to tell you about. Or else, you will be trapped in a Groundhog Day situation. You will be living the same account of my life again and again.

I am open to all ideas of gestures, signals or code words.


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