Fat Lip Friday

Happy F^3 (Favorite Fashion Friday). This Friday I am serving you a bit of punk rock rebel chic. Is that a thing? Well, it is now, actually it is always because that’s just about my everyday style. I did this thing where I didn’t brush my hair for about 3 days and now I basically have dreadlocks. I also have a fat lip, the reason? No one really knows. But I definitely look like someone who makes bad decisions daily.

This outfit scream; "I just watched Netflix for 6 hours!" and I'm okay with that.

This outfit screams; “I just watched Netflix for 6 hours!” and I’m okay with that.

So basically, I am a big proponent of wearing all black and then accessorizing. This “look” specifically only happened after I had already had a full day out and about the town. This is my grunge-chic lounge outfit, if you will? This is one of my: “Time to do all of your adult responsibility things on your laptop” look. It is extra casual and super comfy, but not totally inappropriate to leave my room in it to grab snacks from the kitchen. Side note: I am totally obsessed with these boots as well. They were a London purchase from H&M and I basically wear them every single day. A great investment.


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