All I Need In This Life of Sin Is Me and My Girlfriends

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the whole world. I have been blessed with some of the  best friends that a human could possibly ask for. Their level of friendship is actually pretty unreal.

And this is how I know that to be so true:

Picture this. It’s very late, about 4 AM, my time, 11 PM EST.

I’m about three sheets to the wind after a night out with some of my London friends (one of our last hurrahs before finals consume our lives).

And I drank a ton of liquor that I know that I shouldn’t drink. Vodka; not only a liver killer, but a tear instigator too. It started with a FaceTime to my brother. I called him and got myself all worked up about a situation that isn’t even real. He just laughed at me. Typical big brother sh*t. Thanks a lot Dyl. (He actually did talk to me for a while, and was nice about me crying, but he so didn’t want to deal with it.)

But I was really upset and the alcohol in my system heightened it times ten.

Then I texted my best friends, yes plural, because when I do get hit with emotion, it’s not pretty, ever. I’m basically a Kim Kardashian crier. Not nearly as often as her, but definitely as ugly. And all I want to do is talk it out with everyone who is willing to listen.

I call one, and she didn’t answer at first, so I tried again. And then proceeded to text her seven times until she answered. (What can I say? I’m persistent.) And she eventually did. And we talked it over a little bit, and I felt a little bit better. To be honest, that conversation is a little fuzzy, but I think it was cleansing.

Then I texted one of my really good guy friends, who I always drunk text about boy problems and told him that I needed advice and he told me he was at work. So I told him that I was crying and his response was to tell me not to cry and that he was leaving work and would FaceTime me when he got home. And he stayed on FaceTime with me until 2 AM his time and we just laughed and caught up for a while. And I semi-forgot the reason I even called him in the first place, but it was really great to catch up.

Then I talked it out with my other girl best friend and she is the ultimate advice queen (like everyone else should bow down), and we actually got to the real root of the issue, which wasn’t actually what I even thought it was.

I thought it was something totally different, but I was actually crying because I don’t want to leave London.

How cute.

Actually, how gag worthy.

Ugh, it makes me so mad. So many tears for so long over a not dumb, but dumb issue.

But the fact that I have friends who picked up my drunk call and stayed up way later than they needed to just to talk me off the ledge. That’s how I know it’s real and that I’m extremely lucky to have them. I really don’t know what I would do without people like that in my life. #blessed


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