Why Guys that Dance Are the Hottest

Boys. Lads. Gentlemen. We have to talk about something.

Dancing. Please, for the love of God, get your ass on the floor.

Dancing is a language. And if you are fluent, boy you are golden. Almost every girl I know loves to dance and when a guy has the confidence to march up to the dance floor with us, we are automatically entranced. Especially if you are a good dancer.

A guy who gets out there to dance proves three things in three different ways:

1. If said guy is a terrible dancer: He still likes to have fun, and we will be drawn to the fact that he’s a bad dancer if he can make fun of himself for it too. I especially know if a guy tries to dance with me and is giving me a one, two step but laughing the whole time, I’m still going to have a blast with him.

2. If said guy is a mediocre dancer: He still has confidence. So he knows and I know that he’s not the best dancer on the floor, but if he can pretend like he is, even if his moves are subpar, I might actually end up believing that he is. I will also be totally in to the confidence he exudes. Girls like confident guys, and I would assume that the opposite is true as well.

3. If said guy is an incredible dancer: He knows how to work his body. We notice that. A lot. And let’s just say, if the guy can work his own body like that, we’re wondering what he can do with ours. #scandy

So gents, lace up your disco shoes, get out there and strut. Someone will appreciate you for any move you can throw. Even if it’s just a go-to “q-tip, q-tip and throw it away.”


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