Mermaid Madness

We made it to another Friday Fanz. Way to go, us! Sometimes it surprises me, and other times I’m like: wow, you kicked ass this week. This is one was one of those surprising weeks. But anyway, I digress, on to what Friday is all about: Favorite Fashions! This week my pick for trend of the week was mermaid hair.

I might be Ariel's sister with hair like this.

I might be Ariel’s long lost sister with hair like this.

So, I tried to fake some people out last week by posting a picture that made it look like I had chopped off the mane, but honestly guys, do you think I could do that? I love my long hair and it took me a damn long time to get it. I will say this though, blonde has been calling me for about a month now. I have been looking for a salon to finally take that final step in becoming full blonde, so look out for that when I finally have the funds for it! This week I fully embraced my length and wore it curled all week. I am in love with my Conair Infiniti, which is the curing iron I used to get the tresses tamed. It basically sucks your hair up and then spits it out as a curl. I could never go back to a regular curling iron after this. The only thing that I haven’t been happy with is the lack of good hairspray. My hair spray sucks, so when I do get it all curled and awesome, it dies and flattens within like three hours which is uber annoying. But I still love it all curled up and ready to go. My main philosophy in life: If your hair looks good, you’re going to have a great day. Tip from Maz: Invest in a Conair Infiniti and good hair products. It might change your life.


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