Reasons To Be Your Own Valentine

Hey, hey you. Are you sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself? Are you crying over the fact that no one bought you chocolate or sent you flowers? You know what I say? Knock it the f*ck off.

Go take a shower because you’ve probably been in your pajamas for a day or two, it’s time to wash off the smell of body odor and loneliness and buck up for a great night.

Take yourself out. Go for a walk, go get a new hair cut, go buy a new outfit or twelve. You can afford it, it’s not like you’re wasting your money on an extravagant night out. Make an investment in your own happiness, because that’s way more important than a bouquet or truffle platter. If you are feeling dejected over not having someone, take a step back to look at the bigger picture. If you were in love with yourself would you still be having these feelings? That’s something that I think a lot of people forget. Being alone and being lonely are two totally different sensations. Sure, you may be alone on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to be lonely, especially not when you realize that your self-worth is way more important than one stupid night of the year invented totally by a company that needed to sell more cards in the month of February.

So, pick yourself up, have a beer or a cocktail, which ever you prefer and, if you’re still not feeling so great;  go egg a Hallmark Store.


One thought on “Reasons To Be Your Own Valentine

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