Valentine’s Day 2015: A Review

Valentine’s Day 2015 has been my favorite Valentine’s Day to date. All in all, I would say that the whole sentiment of the day is sweet, or whatever, in a total gag me with a spoon type of way; but this may have been the first year when I decided that I was my own Valentine, I mean, obviously besides my best friends who are the loves of my life, but they are mostly in different time zones, so this Valentine’s Day I was the love of my life (Can I even say that?).

I got to visit the town (city?) of Canterbury this weekend. My sister, Alaina, lives there with two flatmates (only one of which I got to meet and he is a legit legend… but we’ll get to that later). I had travelled into Canterbury the night before VDay, so I got to wake up in a bed that was about twice the size of my bed in London, so I was feeling rejuvenated and totally alive, ready to fall in love with life all over again.

Alaina and Tom (The Legend) were already cooking breakfast when I strolled into the kitchen. Mad props for that because, yes. I love breakfast. So, we had a little breakfast and then Alaina and I went into town. We saw the giant cathedral and I took a picture of the illest looking archbishop tomb ever. (See Instagram for clarification: @madbenzell) We then visited a few shops and did a little more walking. We stopped at a candy store and Alaina (also a legend) bought me some chocolate and others sweets. Honestly, who even needs a boy when you have a sister? That’s my thought process at least.

So we headed back to Alaina’s flat and got to veg out for a bit. All day I had not so subtly expressed my desire for champagne. Next thing we know, Tom is out the door. A little while later he shows up with champagne and The Lego Movie…. LEGEND. #everythingisawesome

The three of us drank champagne and watched the Lego Movie and loved everything about the world. Then it came time for dinner. To all the socialites who were out there having caviar and steak, I see your upper crustiness and I raise you Dino Nugs and chips. We had the ultimate evening of chicken nuggets and champagne and legos and chocolate. It was the greatest.

After dinner and the movie, I got to teach Alaina and Tom how to play land mines. Well, first we tried to play quarters, but considering the fact that England doesn’t even have quarters, it wasn’t going so well. That’s why we switched to land mines. And even though I was the one who taught the game, I somehow ended up agreeing to rules that Tom made up on the fly that basically made all forms of cheating in land mines okay. So, it ended up just being all of us just spinning a two pence piece and occasionally following the real rules. But this was all just the build up to going out to a place called Club Chemistry. Which is a place that a ton of students that live in Canterbury go to dance/drink, but Alaina and Tom had never been, and I was kind of their excuse to go because the target age range is about 18-23ish, would be my guess. But anyway.

Club Chemistry, or Club Chem we so mod-ly gave it the nickname, Club Chem was a f*cking riot. We walked in and within 30 seconds of being in the door were approached by a guy dressed as Elvis and another guy asking if either Alaina or I would marry him. I politely declined, in search of the next best thing; a drink, obviously. So I sauntered up to the bar, bought a round for the three amigos (formerly know as me, Alaina and Tom), then made my way to the wedding. I got to be the maid of honor, it was wonderful.

Then we went and got dance-y for a bit. And this is where legend Tom stepped in again, there were some creepy dudes trying to dance with me and I would just make eye contact with Tom and yell “BOYFRIEND” and he would come save me. Literally the best. Now, I can normally disengage a guy myself, but sometimes it’s harder to do. It’s way more effective to just go, “hey, that guy right there is my boyfriend.” They give up way faster.

So basically, that was how most of the night went. Alaina and Tom were conducting experiments the whole night over how long we could last on the dance floor without a guy approaching either me or Alaina. Then we would just laugh when it would happen within 7 seconds. Then we would pull the boyfriend card and tango away.

That is, until I met super cutie British boy (informally known as SCBB, and also I guess technically it would be SCBM, Super Cutie British Man, but BM…. so….). SCBB was tall and a surprisingly good dancer. I pretty much hung out with him for the remainder of the time I was at the club. I think that I told him to come to London. We ditched the dance floor to go talk for a while and I hadn’t even realized how much time had passed until Alaina came to find me to ask if I was ready to go.

After I finally pulled myself away from the riveting conversation with SCBB, we made our way back to Tom and Alaina’s flat. I asked Tom to marry me. But we’re keeping it casual. No promises for like 10 years or so.

Overall Valentine Take Away:

We heart chocolate.

We heart Alaina.

We heart champagne.

We heart Tom.

We heart legos.

We heart cute boys.

We Heart VDay 2015.


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