Ask Maz Monday

Yo yo yo! Well, today was supposed to be the first installment of my weekly advice column, but basically all of the questions I got in the ask box were just from my friends being assh*les and sending things that I could never publicly repost.

I did say that all topics were fair game, but these questions were pretty cut and dry and sometimes offensive. But, you know what? Lemons into lemonade. I’m going to change the wording a bit but still answer one of the questions:


When someone calls you by the wrong name, how would you go about politely correcting said person?


Okay, so first of all, in context, I would need to know how long this person has known me. If it is someone that I was just introducing myself to, and they misheard when I said my name the first time, well then I would just politely say, “no, actually it’s Maddie, not Patty.” Or, “No it’s Madison, like the avenue.” Typically though I usually introduce myself as Madison because that one is harder to mispronounce or mishear.

If it’s a friend who calls me by the wrong name, like say that they’re telling me a story or something about someone else and they slip up for a second, depending on if I like the name that they call me, I might let it slide because I do know what they meant; but if it’s the name of someone heinous who I don’t appreciate as a human, then I’m gonna call that b*tch out. No need to be polite between friends. If you call me Taylor and you know that I really dislike a girl named Taylor (all hypothetical here), I am going to let you know about the misstep. I will probably get offended and say; “how the f*ck do you confuse the two of us, this is unacceptable. We’re polar opposites, she’s a total gremlin and I am obviously a fairy princess.” Or something subtle like that.

I hope that this answered your question and has helped you to dictate what to do in an awkward this awkward scenario if you ever find yourself in it.

Any more questions, comments, concerns, jokes? Place them in my anonymous ask box:




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