A Thank You Note to Straws~

This one goes out to all of the straws out there:

Let me first start by saying, I think that you are an undervalued utensil. People take your usefulness for granted far too often. You should be a major part of every household containing a lipstick wearing occupant.

When you’re not around, I find myself craving your presence. Because I have to make a tough decision without you. I either have to wait to put on lipstick and look like a sickly, pale lipped toad, or I ruin my lipstick the second my mouth makes connection with the cup and then I have to reapply. With you around, that decision is null and void. I can have the best of all worlds. I can have my lipstick and have my drink, all at once.

So, to all of the straws out there, know that there are people like me, out here appreciating you.

All the love,




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