It’s Like A Walk in the Park

Some days, London is just so excruciatingly beautiful. It will be sunny and fifty degrees and the absolute most perfect day that you could ever imagine to just go out and take a walk.

Except, every other single person has the exact same idea.

Yesterday, I had meandered my way down to the South Bank, which is where the London Eye, the National Theatre, the London Dungeons and Aquarium are all located. It was beautiful out and at around 9.45, the streets were still fairly unpopulated. I went into the National Theatre for a backstage tour and came out of the building around 11 AM. It was an entirely different scene. But, since I had tubed out to the South Bank, I thought that a walk might do me some good, and it was so beautiful out, I even took off my jacket to have my stroll.

There were mobs and globs of people. Every f*cking where. And yes, the area is a highly attractive tourist hot spot, but seriously people?

Pick up your damn feet. I’m sick of everyone’s bullish*t laissez-faire attitude about getting through the crowd. We’re moving so slow because no one is doing a damn thing to change it.

Walking from the National Theatre to London Bridge, a walk that should maybe take 5 to 10 minutes at most, took me 25 minutes. It’s not only that you get stuck behind someone slow, you get stuck behind a barricade of people moving slowly, dallying along, stopping in the middle of traffic for a picture, hoarding the kids along as they try to get in line for one of the ice cream trucks, coming to a standstill at one of the street performers painted gold or silver impersonating a statue (like, they’re not moving, if you walk past again in an hour, they will still be there. Or better yet, walk 60 more feet and you’ll see another one). Like: NEWS FLASH PEOPLE; not everyone is on holiday right now. Some of us have places to be (Not that I did, but I am sensationalizing for the other people around that do).

I guess that maybe it’s because I work in a town in the summer that has endless tourists and I know what it’s like to constantly have to adapt your routes of travel or leave extra early to get somewhere; that it truly irks me.

I have to constantly take deep breaths and remind myself that when it’s misty outside tomorrow, I can go for the longest walk of my life and not a single crowd will bother me.


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