Never a Dull Moment

I’m a relatively good juggler.

I don’t mean that I can juggle batons or apples or tennis balls. You’re not going to catch me at the big top the next time the circus is in town (circus performers weird me the f*ck out). What I mean is that I am a pretty balanced individual who can handle multiple tasks at once. That being said: my social life has never, ever thrived in the way that it does in London. I have never gone out or travelled as much as I do here.

I also don’t have nearly as much course work as I do at my university in the states. But I do still have many responsibilities to attend to for back at home while I am more than 3,500 miles away.

Some days the juggling just seems harder than others. I don’t feel like I’m overwhelmed because I am so happy and love everything that I’m doing and I’m definitely not underwhelmed. But does that make me just “whelmed”? Does my lack of need for one of the prefixes cancel them out totally?

I have a full schedule all of the time. It’s not that I can’t handle it, I just think that normally I have a bit more wiggle room to just relax and do nothing. But living in city center here is all about the next thing that you’re doing.

Okay, wake up. Breakfast. Go for a run or do something else productive or go see something that I haven’t seen before; come back, shower, work on a little bit of course work, lunch time. Clean up, catch up with blog entries or paperwork due back at home, or schedule your weekend or book tickets for the next thing you have to do for class. Dinner! Then rush out to go see a show or to get to class. After class or after the show, any day of the week, you have to have plans to meet up with someone or are you even a socialite? Will you ever make it as a social icon on the international scene? Spend more time and money than necessary don’t get home until midnight the earliest, get ready for bed. Fall asleep around 2 AM. Wake up and do it all again.

It’s just a full day with minimal rest time, and then to repeat that process every single day: it’s absolutely amazing and I’m seeing and doing so much, it’s just that sometimes I forget to breathe and just take it all in.

I am in London. I am 20 years old. I am having the time of my life. And I might never be able to do this again. That’s what I tell myself on the days when it seems just a bit harder than the others.


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