This Pipe Dream is My Reality

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make me feel so at home in this foreign country:

Someone stopping me in the street to ask for directions.

Finally getting a British phone number.

Finding a brand of bread that fully fits in the toaster on the first go.

Getting to a Tube station that I’ve never been to before and being able to find my way back to my flat without TubeMap App-ing it.

Picking up new slang that undoubtedly I will take bake to the states and sound like a total d*uchebag.

Obviously, it would be great if there wasn’t a 7 hour plane ride and a five hour time difference separating me from my family and best friends, but living in London forever is starting to look better and better. It was always my intended goal to one day live here, but I don’t know, maybe I always just saw that as a pipe dream. I guess that I always just thought that I craved Europe because I was “stuck” in America; like everything that I felt that I was missing in Philly was because I knew it all had to be in London. In reality, it truly is everything that I was missing. This place has been the epitome of a wild dream world. It’s what I assume is that feeling when you first step foot at your dream college (Fun Fact: I never visited a campus until I arrived at my Freshman Orientation in Philly, joke would have been on me if I totally hated it). But, it’s like I got here and I knew that this was the place where I should be. It’s indescribable really. It just gives you that gut feeling of getting something right. I had put most of my eggs in the London basket for so long, and to be proven right on that risk, well, I just screaming for joy from the top of Tower Bridge.

I just am still so shocked and overjoyed every single day that I get to say, this pipe dream is my reality now.


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