That Warm Tingly Feeling

Okay, so I watched one of the cheesiest, stupidest movies on Netflix, called “Walking on Sunshine”. *Spolier Alert* It was basically your average love triangle between two sisters and a guy who didn’t know that they were sisters when he fell in love with them three years apart from each other. What set it apart from the rest? It was set to a gloriously bad 80’s soundtrack and the stars of the film would burst into song and dance semi-unexpectedly.

Oh, so that didn’t give you that warm tingly feeling? Well, me neither. What did it for me was the lead guy. God, he was so f*cking beautiful. His name was Giulio Berruti. I highly recommend a google. Actually I did it for you:

you’re actually welcome.

Have you ever just seen a guy and gone, “holy blazing mother f*cking shit wow”? Because yes Giulio (coincidentally, after a heavy stalk through his IMDB page, Guilio was also in the Lizzie MacGuire Movie. Could he be any more perfect? I think not). Among other men, Guilio is one citizen among many fine specimens that I have seen in my past seven weeks in Europe. Chalk it up to the accent or the swimming pool blue eyes that I’d be perfectly happy to drown in, boys are just better in Europe than they are any where else.

Let’s talk about why:

For one: their style sense is on point. Actually, I sometimes get jealous because the men dress better than me on occasion. It really does something to my self esteem to see a straight, perfectly available, devastatingly picturesque man in nicer shoes than me. But I still love it.

For two: they have accents, and not only do I love to hear their accent, but they also love to hear mine, so I call that an all around win.

For three: (this one goes out to the Brits) they are much more polite! Like manners do go a long way, as does saying, “pardon?” instead of “what!?” It’s also nice when a guy gives you the option to dance with him or not before grinding all up in your personal space.

For four: they have great hair. I mean, very well kept quiffs and excellently maintained hair trims are all the rage, and well worth the investment.

For five: they are so far away from some of the crazies in my life that I would never have to endure an awkward family Thanksgiving with them meeting the unexplainable half of my family.

All in all, European men, high emphasis on the British kind, are what you should ultimately seek out for a life partner. If my reasons didn’t do it for you, just remember this: dual citizenship makes traveling in Europe a lot easier.


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