Award Show Ready

It’s Friday here on mazforthefanz, you know what that means! Favorite Fashion Friday!

The Brits don't even know who they invited to their party.

The Brits don’t even know who they invited to their party.

Okay, so I didn’t actually go to the award show, but I did get to go out to an after party for the Brits (Basically the Grammys for England)! It was absolutely wild, and this was the outfit that I wore. The dress is a bit repurposed. I wore it to my sorority’s formal my freshman year, but did a little bit of work with safety pins to take the dress from “appropriate for tea” to “ready to bust out at the club” by moving the hem up about 3 inches. That may not seem like much, but on someone as short as me with a booty like mine, it really does change the whole look. I also purchased a necklace from the sale rack at H&M on Oxford Street to top off the look. The outfit was fun and the perfect amount of classy/club-trashy to be (metaphorically) rubbing elbows with celebs (T. Swift was rumored to appear at the party that I attended, luckily I didn’t hold my breath on that one, Kendall and Cara did go there the previous night though, so I mean, I basically know them now). It was a wild time and I felt like this outfit really fit the bill.


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