To the Fan Worried About Being a “Real Person”~


“Is it bad if I wear leggings and hoodies everyday? I hate dressing like a real person.”


Hey there!

I say, rock what you want to rock. If you are most comfortable in leggings and a hoodie every day, why the hell not? Because what even is a “real person” and how do they dress?

A legging and hoodie combo every single day might not be what you see in fashion magazines or walking the streets and runways of New York or London or in an office setting, but if you are at a point in your life where you have the freedom to be able to kick it like a straight up homie; I say do it. You don’t know how long it will last that you can wear only leggings and a hoodie. Unfortunately, your future may involve a dress code that doesn’t allow this pleasure.

Are you feeling down about the fashion aspect of the legging/hoodie pairing? That can easily be fixed!

Key word: accessories.

Have a zip up hoodie? Pair it with a few long necklaces and maybe a beanie.

Have an over-the-head hoodie? Pair it with a denim jacket (bonus points for any flare on the denim jacket, I’m talking pins, broaches, whatever! The 90’s are making a comeback) and some old converse.

Have an oversized hoodie? Try a messy-chic hairstyle! Maybe some tousled curls or a messy bun, for that, “I tried but not really” look.

But as an overall answer to the question, “is it bad?” Absolutely not. Personal style is all about choice and whether it is your choice to wear leggings and a hoodie everyday or a super hero costume, make sure you just own it.

I really hope that this has answered your question and helped in some way!

XO, Maz

Any more questions, comments, concerns, jokes? Place them in my anonymous ask box:


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