Taking Care of Business Casual

Happy Fashion Friday! Who is ready for happy hour after a long week at the office?

Living on a latte and prayer.

Living on a latte and prayer.

So, this sort of goes out to everyone who thinks that all I do is have fun, while I constantly have a good time, I do actually have to tend to business as well. I’m just good at hiding it. I think that some people forget that my blog highlights the interesting parts of my life. How bored would everyone be if I was constantly discussing that analytics of a properly balanced 12 stock portfolio? Answer: I guarantee that half or more of you just faded to black over that sentence. Thus, you’ll hardly ever catch me writing about the work I do, but it does exist. This is a picture of my outfit from a major presentation on Tuesday night. I think that dressing the part of a young and up and coming analyst always helps my performance. I kept it casual with a white t-shirt instead of a formal white button down, but still had that dressed up feel of someone who knows what they are about to present. If I could change one thing about this, I would have worn a bolder necklace to detract from the blandness to the black and white blockiness. I recommend a business casual outfit on those days when you just want to feel that extra little push to be confident. It’s like a good blazer commands respect and paired with the right shoes, you can go out there and take over the world.


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