Who Am I in The Office?

I don’t know how I went 20 years without watching the cult comedy, “The Office.”

Maybe it’s because everyone had hyped it up so much that I was afraid that it wouldn’t be good enough or that it would never live up to these massive expectations that I had for it.

Boy was I wrong.

I have spent the past week or so catching a few episodes in my free time. I am almost done season 4, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice.

The Office is just a feel good kind of show. I cringe at the things that Michael says, but still laugh out loud almost every time. I vicariously live through the Pam-Jim love disaster-triumph and constantly find myself wanting to be Pam, because Jim is just so damn cute. I also think about what Kevin says and try decide if he’s secretly a genius, or if he is as dumb as he seems.

Another thing that I do when I watch is wonder which character I would be, in a real life office setting.

Somedays I’m Michael. Because I am wildly funny in a not funny at all kind of way. I’m not as dumb as he is, I can take a hint about when I’m not being funny, but I do find everything that I say hilarious.

Somedays I’m Dwight. Skeptical of the world with a vast knowledge of unimportant things that nobody else cares about.

Somedays I’m Jim. I speak sarcasm fluently and I love to prank gullible people, but I also have a giant heart and do it out of love.

Somedays I’m Stanley. Sometimes I have just had it. I am just done.

Somedays I’m Kelly. I talk way too much.

Somedays I’m Merideth. I like a good party and definitely a good drink.

Somedays I’m Creed. Absolutely no one has any clue what is going on inside of my brain and I tell wild stories that don’t seem probable, but have actually happened.

Somedays I’m Kevin. Just because everyone is Kevin from time to time.

I’m never Toby though. Ew. Who wants to be Toby.


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