We All Have Those Days

I fell down the steps the other day.

Boom, got the awkward part of the story out of the way.

So, no for the full story and why it’s okay.

I was walking to the cafe after a lecture. I was talking with some friends and 100% not paying attention to what I was doing at all, when all of a sudden, boom, I ate it.

I totally fell, thankfully I was only two stairs from a little landing. I quickly landed on my knees and popped back up, then carried on.

My friends were still cracking up behind me as I acted as if nothing happened.

I’m telling you, it’s all in the recovery.

You can either hit the ground and cry and whine and make a spectacle. Or, you can get right back up, fix your pants, give a hair toss and move on.

Your grace shows through in the recovery.

I think this just became a metaphor.

You’re welcome.

Happy Sunday, XOXO, Maz


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