Slytherins Have More Fun

Happy F^3.

Today in fashion we have:



Who said playing dress-up isn’t fun? I am one of the biggest advocated in the world for dress up, and that includes in a public setting. Last weekend I took a little tour around Warner Bro Studios at the Making of Harry Potter lots. And can I just say, wow. Childhood (well more like teenage-hood) goal realized. I love the Harry Potter franchise and to be able to roam around the sets and be in touching distance of the costumes, I was wildly in my element. Naturally, I had to try on a cloak in the gift shop at the end. Reppin’ my house, Slytherin (obvi because I’m a trendsetter and very ambitious, not because I’m evil, and also did somebody say Tom Felton?) I think I basically nailed this look. Unfortunately during my photo shoot, I didn’t stop moving or talking (typical) so I was left with mostly blurry pictures or pictures where I’m not looking at all, this is the best I could manage of the lot. Happy Friday Y’all!


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